And by the time Bison launches, Google wants to be ready to showcase Andromeda running a variety of enterprise, developer, and stylus-driven apps on the device – a way to argue that Bison and Andromeda will create a laptop experience that is truly attempting to rival Apple and Microsoft. So, if you were wondering why there wasn’t a fresh Chromebook Pixel for 2016 (and we have no reason to think one is coming on October 4th), this is probably the reason. Chromebook Pixels may well be dead as of next year – Andromeda is the way forward.

What do Bison and Andromeda mean for Android, and for Android phones and tablets? Well, right now: probably not much. Google will announce its Pixel smartphones on October 4th, and they will be running Android 7.1. Google may well tease Andromeda at this event. But the Pixel and Pixel XL, Google Home, Google Wifi, Daydream View, and the new Chromecast Ultra will likely remain the focus on that day, even if an Andromeda demo manages to steal the show. Here in 2016, Google is attempting to paint a vision of a united hardware front inside the company – to legitimize the idea that Google can build consumer hardware products to compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung (at least hypothetically). Andromeda will still be off on the horizon, but there’s no doubt it’s a huge piece of Google’s long-term strategy puzzle.

But this same time next year? I think it’s likely we’ll see Google show us the first laptop with the power of Android and the best of Chrome OS, a truly watershed moment for Android and Google. Whether the resultant operating system, even if it is largely powered by Android underneath, will still be called Android isn’t something I could hope to guess at. Maybe Google doesn’t even know. But as to what it means for Chromebooks? I think the Journal had it dead on a year ago: Chrome OS and Chromebooks (perhaps with a new name) will continue, but Android with Chrome OS features baked-in, aka Andromeda, is the new hotness, and will mark a major shift in Google’s OS strategy. All I can say is I really hope we get a taste of what that future looks like next week.