Systweak Anti-Malware: Best Malware Removal App for Android

Malware threats are spreading at an exorbitant level around the world. These threats exist in different forms like viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, ransomware, adware and lot more. Further, these threats are spread through different forms, like phishing attacks, malicious links & attachments, and in other entitlements manifesting the authentic source. Most of these threats cause serious concern to your data security and pervert your mobile performance. While there are certain precautions you can follow to avoid these malware threats but once your device is under attack you have to turn towards the better solution available in the form of anti-malware apps.

Use Systweak Anti-Malware App

Systweak Anti-Malware is one best solution available to deal with any malware threat effectively. It is offered by leading software firm Systweak Software that has worked meticulously to design this amazing app. You can use this effective anti-malware app to scan, find and remove all malicious content from your Android device effortlessly. It works on smart algorithms and advanced techniques to track and remove all malicious content effectively.

Features of the App

Intuitive Scan Process: App works on intuitive scan process where it segregates scan results based on different colors. Here, it will turn your background screen green if it doesn’t find any malicious content during a scan and turns your device background red when it finds malware. Simultaneously, it displays alert messages with the different color backgrounds. It displays scan results with detailed information like total file scanned, time elapsed and malware found during the scan process. Under results, you can find all malicious apps and malware type next to them. You can tap on “Clean Malware” button to instantly remove all malicious apps.

Security Options: Under Security tab, you can find various non-secure settings on your device. This feature allows you to manage and disable these non-secure settings here. It includes settings like developer options, near-field communication (NFC), Android Beam and installing from unknown sources.

Privacy Options: App is not only help to improve your device security but it is also useful to keep your privacy intact. It displays all permissions acquired by various apps on your device in a detailed report. Here, you can manage or disallow any of these permissions acquired by various apps unnecessarily. Using this feature, you can improve your data security by disallowing all unnecessary permissions.

Scan Options: App offers Quick and Deep scan modes for your various needs. Under Quick scan, mode app will offer some quick results by scanning all user and system apps. Under Deep scan mode, it will scan all apps on your device including APK files that are not installed.

Real-time Protection: App is helpful to avoid installation of malicious apps as it alerts you in real-time when you try to download a malicious app. It is useful to keep your device safe from any incoming malware threat.

Whitelist: It allows you to add any app to Whitelist to avoid scanning of selected app. It is important to keep your specific apps untouched which you find safe to retain.

Scan History: App display scan history to help you predict malware threats in a better way.

The Verdict of the App: Systweak Anti-Malware is designed with great precision and in-depth research of malware behavior. It scans your device thoroughly to find and remove traces of all malicious content. It not only offers you better security but it also protects your privacy as well. It offers various useful features to keep your Android device safe and performing.

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