How to Create a Professional Quality Logo with DesignEvo

For a long time, people should pay much to hire a pro designer to obtain the professional logo design. Is there an easy and free way to create professional quality logos for your websites, social media profiles, shops, and other businesses?


Actually, there are many free online logo maker tools on the Internet, such as DesignMatic, Logojoy and Logomakr, but today we will introduce DesignEvo – a new logo maker that extends the possibilities of online logo design and brings people a free way to create logos without much effort.


DesignEvo allows everyone to create custom logos in minutes without spending much money and wasting too much time. This tool provides with 3000+ full customizable templates, which enables everyone to create logos in a quicker and easier way. By browsing through various categories that cover Technology, Fashion, Pet, Club, and Education, etc. or searching with keywords that related to your business type, you can find your favorite logo templates and customize them freely with your own creative ideas.


You only need to choose a favorite logo template, and enter logo name and slogan if you have; an exquisite and stunning logo will be generated instantly. Alternatively, you can start a logo totally from scratch with following steps.


  1. Add icons

Thanks to a large library of icons in DesignEvo, you can easily find the desired graphic to use. Choose Icon on the left side pane, and input your keywords. DesignEvo will show the results for you. Click to choose any one and freely customize it.


There are more elements under Shape option that you can add to level up your logos, including vector shapes, banners, and symbols. Choose what you need.


When you select an icon or shape, a bar with specific tools appears at the top:
* Color: Select the desired color for your selected element.
* Reflection: Flip vertically and horizontally.
* Opacity: From 0% to 100%, letting you see the effect in real time.

  1. Add logo text

Choose Text and you can add company name or slogan to your logo. Go to the text editor on the top of canvas, where you can edit text to obtain perfect typography.

When playing with the text, the top menu changes:
* Font: more than 100 fonts to use.
* Size: Choice of font size.
* Color: Choose a solid color for the text.
* Font style: Bold, italic or all capital letters.
* Effect: Create a custom style by playing with opacity, outline and a glow effect.
* Format: Type of text alignment (right, center or left) and spacing between letters.

  1. Download

Once you are satisfied with your logo, go to click Download button in the top bar and you will get a zip file which contains different files and sizes of your logo.


When you select more than one element at the same time and then you can edit them as a whole, for example, change the color at a time and align them to the left, right, top, bottom, and middle.

In addition, you have some common options for customizing a logo:

* Layer: manager layers for different elements.
* Duplicate: Make a copy of the element that is selected.
* Delete: Delete the object that you do not want to have in the logo.

Requirements to use the logo:

DesignEvo may ask you to share it on social networks or add a link on your web, if you are going to download a free logo. I think that even if no one watches over you, it costs nothing to hang it on our social networks, or add to our website.

Overall, as a free online logo maker tool, DesignEvo extends the possibilities of editing and customization of logo creating. It’s simple, intuitive and straightforward that anyone can use even without any skills.


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