Telegram down across Russia, Europe & Middle East

Instant messaging app Telegram is down for users across Europe, the Middle east and Russia. The encrypted messaging service wrote on Twitter that it’s looking into the issue and hopes to resolve it soon.Down Detector is reporting a spike in reported problems with hundreds of users complaining that the app is not working. Users were greeted with a “Server error” or in some cases the app simply failed to load.

The app was built by Russian brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov and launched in 2013. The cloud-based service, which operates as a non-profit company, is now headquartered in Dubai.

CEO Pavel Durov said on Twitter that a power outage at the company’s server cluster was causing the issues. He said Telegram is working to fix the problem but a lot depends on when the datacenter provider fixes the power equipment.

A source in Iran, where the encrypted app is hugely popular, told that the outage has not affected them. The app has some 40 million monthly users in the country, according to Pavel Durov.



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