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Google Assistant now works with more than 10,000 smart home devices

The Google Assistant’s bag of smart home tricks is growing at breakneck speed. At the beginning of this year, the Assistant supported 1,500 devices; by May, that figure had ballooned to more than 5,000. Now, with little fanfare, the Google Home support page has been updated to show that more than 10,000 devices from more than 1,000 manufacturers play nice with Google’s ecosystem.

Everything from TVs and stereos to kitchen appliances and air conditioners can be controlled by voice via Google Assistant; if you can imagine a voice-activated smart home scenario, there’s probably a way to make it happen. You can peruse Google’s list of Assistant partners to get an idea of the breadth of home tasks the platform can help you with.

While 10,000 is an impressive figure, Amazon Alexa has a considerable lead over Google with support for more than 20,000 smart home products. Still, at the rate Google Assistant is picking up steam, it wouldn’t be surprising to see parity in the near future.

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