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Google Maps continues its Material makeover with new search interface

Google Maps’ Material transformation is an ongoing process. Over the past couple of months, we’ve seen one aspect after the other of the app change from the previous Material aesthetic to the new one — colloquially known as Material Design 2.0 or Material Theme. The most recent part of the UI to make the jump is the search interface.

In what seems to be a server-side test (some of us have it, others don’t), the Maps app is shedding its previous search UI for a new one. Round and colorful icons are the most prominent aspect of the change, but there’s also the switch to Product Sans typography. And if you look closely, you’ll notice the search page is now fully white instead of being a white card on a light grey background, and the buttons for seeing your recent history or opening the map are now different.


Above: Old. Below: New.


We spotted the change three days ago, though given that it’s a server-side switch, it’s possible that the it’s been showing up for a bit longer for other users.

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