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The Fastest Browser for Android: 17 Android Browsers Tested

When Android became available in 2008, it featured a couple of basic apps such as calculators, email, notepad etc… Back then, Android only had one app to surf the internet and it’s called “Browser.”

Now, things have changed. The advancement of technology brought Android to far greater heights. Due to this, surfing the web was not as simple as how it was before. Now, it’s also about using the best and the fastest browser app available for Android.

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Speaking of fast, one of the most searched information on Google is about the fastest Android browser. With this in mind, we selected and tested 17 of the most downloaded Android internet browser app on the Google Play store.

What’s left now is the answer to the ultimate question of “What is the fastest browser for Android?”

17 Best Browsers for Android Tested

To know which app is the fastest Internet browser for Android, we selected 17 of the most downloaded and used web surfing app available on the Google Play store. Using each browser apps, we run a couple of benchmark tools for Android. This will let us get an actual performance of each browser in numbers. By doing so, we can easily determine which Android browser app performs well and which is the fastest.

Android Browser App Testing Methodology

For our test, we will be using a couple of tools that are listed below.

Benchmarking Hardware

  • Huawei P10

Benchmarking Platforms

  • JetStream 1.1
  • ARES-6
  • MotionMark
  • Speedometer 2.0

Android Browser Apps

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • UC Browser
  • Dolphin Browser
  • Opera
  • Brave Browser
  • Cake Browser
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mint Browser
  • CM Browser
  • DuckDuckGo Browser
  • Kiwi Browser
  • Samsung Browser
  • Phoenix Browser
  • Puffin
  • Pure Browser
  • Stargon Browser

Benchmarking Test Result

When doing benchmarks, one of our main procedure is to restart our testing device for each test. By doing so, this eliminates any possible performance interference due to background processes of certain apps. This would also prevent any potential bottleneck performance issues. Furthermore, our testing device is being charged for each and every benchmark.

Additionally, our testing device was set to factory default while having the latest firmware and system update. So we could get the most accurate result for each benchmark possible.

JetStream 1.1

JetStream Benchmark

Benchmark JetStream by

JetStream is a popular JavaScript benchmarking tool that focuses on advanced web applications. Basically, it is a combined variety of advanced JavaScript workloads and programming techniques. For this benchmark, the higher the score, the better the performance.

So for this benchmark, we benchmarked each app 6 times and each run performs 3 iterations. In these 6 runs, we recorded the best score that the app could get.

Fastest Android Browser App Jetstream 1.1 Benchmark

JetStream 1.1 – Higher the Better

After testing all 17 browser apps, Puffin Browser leads by an enormous margin followed by CM Browser. Puffin is also the only browser that exceeded a 100 score mark. Basically, this means that the Puffin browser is more responsive and faster than the rest drastically.



The ARES-6 by

ARES-6 is a benchmarking tool that simply measures the execution time of the newest features of JavaScript. Generally, it is comprised of 4 different sub-tests such as Air, Basic, Babylon, and ML.

For this benchmark, we benchmarked each browser for 6 times. Each run also performs 6 iterations. After performing 6 runs, we only recorded the best result that each app could get.

Fastest Android Browser App Ares-6 Benchmark

ARES-6 – Lower the Better

The Puffin Browser app yet leads again in this benchmark. Puffin finishes in just 34.37 ms which is about 960% faster than FireFox, finishing at 330.75 ms. We were expecting somewhat similar results with a 10 to 20% difference but we were not expecting FireFox to be this slow.



MotionMark by

One of the main benchmark test found on BrowserBench is MotionMark. This benchmarking tool puts the browser to graphics rendering performance test. Basically, this benchmark draws different multiple 2D rendering elements. Pushing the rendering performance of the browser to its limits.

For this test, we performed 3 runs per app. In each run, tons of 2D rendering tests are done.

Fastest Android Browser App MotionMark 1.1 Benchmark

MotionMark 1.1 – Higher the Better

As expected, Puffin exceptionally outperforms the other browser apps. Puffin is also the only browser app for Android that exceeded a 100 score mark.

Speedometer 2.0


Speedometer by

Last but not least, we have the Speedometer benchmark. This benchmarking tool measures the browser’s Web app responsiveness. Timing simulated user interactions for adding, completing, and removing to-do items via TodoMVC.

Basically, this app simulates actual user usage. This will then test the overall responsiveness of the app. We also performed 6 runs for this benchmark when each run performs 12 iterations.

Fastest Android Browser App Speedometer 2.0 Benchmark

Speedometer 2.0 – Higher the Better

Puffin yet again wins this test by scoring 45.1 runs per minute on average. It’s almost 200% faster and better in terms of performance compared to the second fastest app, the CM Browser. This goes to show that Puffin is really the faster browser for Android available on Google Play store.

Fastest Browser for Android Overall Benchmark Result

Faster Browser for Android

Overall Android Browser Benchmark Result

Summing up all the data we got from each benchmark results, we can conclude that the Puffin Browser is the fastest Android Internet Browser app. It exceptionally performs well and it gave us outstanding results from all of our tests.

Now, let’s take a closer look at 6 of the apps that performed well on our tests.

Top 5 of the Fastest Browser for Android (Based on our Tests)

After performing various benchmarking tests on all 17 Android Browser apps. We can conclude that our top 5 is Puffin, CM, Brave, DuckDuckGo, and Cake.

    1. Puffin Web Browser – CloudMosa, Inc.


      Puffin Android Web Browser

      The “Puffin Web Browser” by CloudMosa, Inc. is the winner and the fastest browser for Android in our test. It easily took the number 1 spot on all of our 4 benchmarks. One of the key features that make this app utterly fast is by shifting the workload from your device to the cloud servers.

      Puffin has over 50 million downloads on Google Play store. Making this app one of the most popular 3rd party browser app available for Android. If you haven’t tried this app yet, we highly recommend that you do so now. You will be amazed by how responsive and fast this browser is.


      • 23/7 Adobe Flash Over the Cloud
      • Cloud Servers – Insanely the Fastest Browser
      • Encrypted Packets from App to Server


      • Blocked in Some Countries
      • The Premium Version with an Integrated Ad-Blocker Cost $5
      • Miracast or Casting to TV Features Requires Android TV

      This app is available in 2 different versions and those are the “Puffin Web Browser,” which is free to download, and the “Puffin Browser Pro,” available to download for $5, both on Google Play store.

      Google Play

    2. CM Browser – Cheetah Mobile Communications

      CM Browser - Ad Blocker , Fast Download , Privacy

      CM Android Web Browser

      The next fastest browser app in our list for Android is the “CM Web Browser.” This app came in 2nd place in our 3 out of 4 benchmark tests. However, it failed to maintain its position for our ARES-6 benchmark. As mentioned above, this benchmark executes the advanced features of JavaScript. For this test, the CM Browser made it to the top 5 only.

      The “CM (Clean Master) Browser” also has over 50 million downloads on Google Play store. The key features of this app are its integrated ad blocker, integrated anti-virus engine, and the way it deletes any forms of data once you exit the app.


      • FREE Premium Features Ad-Blocker
      • Anti-Virus Engine
      • Excellent Data Cleaning Feature


      • Ironically Contains Ads
      • No Miracast or Casting to TV Features

      The “CM Browser” is available for free on the Google Play store.

      Google Play

    3. Brave Browser – Brave Software

      Brave Browser: Fast AdBlocker Brave Software

      Brave Android Web Browser

      The next app in our list that’s consistently performing in the top 8, except for the ARES-6, is the “Brave Browser” by Brave Software. The key feature of this app is that everything is free. It being free includes a built-in ad-blocker, pop-ups blocker, tracking protection, script blocking, and 3rd party cookie blocking.

      With over 10 million downloads, the Brave Web Browser app is definitely one of the most downloaded browser apps for Android. If you want an Android web browser app that doesn’t contain any form of Ads while featuring all the necessary browsing security feature for free, then we highly recommend to check out the “Brave Web Browser” app.


      • Premium Features are FREE
      • No Ironic Ads or Any Form of Ads
      • Ads Blocker Monitor


      • No Miracast or Casting to TV Features

      You can also download this app on Amazon if you have an Amazon Fire Tablet.

      Google Play
    4. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser – DuckDuckGo

      DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser DuckDuckGo

      DuckDuckGo Android Web Browser

      The “DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser” app is one of the top 6 consistent performers in our benchmark. Despite not being in the top 3 fastest browsers for Android, the DuckDuckGo still has its own feature that attracts various users.

      The key feature of this app is that, like “Brave Browser,” everything is free. Along with its strong “Privacy Protection” feature and a dedicated “Fire Button” to clear all tabs and data.


      • Privacy Protection Priority
      • Simplest Browser App in our List
      • Free Premium Features


      • No Miracast or Casting to TV Features

      With over 5 million downloads, DuckDuckGo may not be as popular as the first 3 apps but this apps is the easiest and simplest browser app for Android we have ever used. You can also download this app on Amazon if you have an Amazon Fire Tablet.

      Google Play

    5. Cake Web Browser – Cake Technologies Inc

      Cake Web Browser—Fast, Private, Ad blocker, Swipe Cake Technologies Inc

      Cake Android Web Browser

      If you haven’t heard about the “Cake Web Browser” app, don’t worry. We’re not familiar with it as well. The “Cake Web Browser” app is one of the underdog apps in our list. To be honest, we didn’t expect it to perform this good.

      On our 3 benchmarks, this app was consistently performing in top 8s. However, it became the 2nd next to Puffin for our ARES-6 benchmark test that most struggled to perform decently.

      The Key feature of this app is its user browsing experience. Unlike the first 4 that we mentioned that prioritizes security and speed, the “Cake Web Browser” app prioritized user experience. Some of its features include a patent-pending technology (swipe through search results), built-in ad blocker, pop-up blocker, and more.


      • Patented Swipe Through Result
      • Free Premium Features
      • Fast Advanced JavaScript Performance


      • No Miracast or Casting to TV Features
      • The Swipe Through Result Feature Can Be An Odd Experience

      Google Play

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