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Tech You Need When Making Your Home Green

Going green both in the office and at home seems to be a trend that is taking off around the world, but for many that are just getting involved in green technology, it is hard to determine where to begin. When going green at home, be sure to consider the following technology that will help to make the switch that much easier.


  1. Low-Flow Plumbing Features

Your toilet may be the last place you think of when trying to go green, but it is nonetheless one of the most important. This is because regular toilets use up to 26 percent of the water in your home, so switching to a low-flow plumbing fixture that is half of this water consumption is an easy way to help out the environment around you.


  1. Smart Thermostat

Purchasing a smart thermostat is not only great for the environment, but it’s great for your wallet as well. Several smart thermostat brands will help you reduce the amount of energy spent by having the ability to switch to eco-mode and can even allow you to program the thermostat to a schedule that best fits your needs. This means that when you forget to turn off the heat when you leave the house for work in the morning (which-admit it, we all have done) either your programmable schedule will handle it for you automatically, or – even cooler – you can change to eco-mode via your smart phone app that connects with the thermostat.


  1. Home Products that Are Naturally Materialled

Okay, so this one is not necessarily a tech product, but it will nonetheless help out your going-green efforts just as much as a tech system would. By focusing on furniture that is naturally materialled, such as a bamboo floor, an organic mattress, or a bed frame that is made from reclaimed wood, your home won’t only look amazing, but it’ll be great for the environment as well.


  1. Solar Array

This one may not be in everyone’s budget, but it is one of the best ways to reduce pollution and lower your electricity expenses. What’s even better about installing a solar array system (other than the tax benefits!) is that it only gets better with time. The more you use it – the more you save. Mother Nature will give you a thumbs-up for this one!


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