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PearlMountain has focused on the research and development of graphic design software since 2006. We aim to make professional photo editing and graphic design capability accessible to everyone. Our most popular product, FotoJet, has millions of users spreading over 200 countries and areas.

Since the launch of FotoJet, they have received great support and trust from users worldwide, which drove them to think deeper – what else can they bring to their users, to help them accomplish their creative goals? With the idea of making graphic design simple but not ordinary, and providing the best solution to meet users’ design requirements, their new program was starting to take shape.

With nearly ten years of experience in graphic design and software development, they eventually launched their new product DesignCap, an online poster maker, to help everyone create professional posters with ease.



Some of DesignCap key features:

* Hundreds of poster and flyer templates available

Choose from hundreds of poster and flyer templates to start your design journey. All these poster and flyer designs covering various themes, such as advertising, sale, wedding, sports, holiday and event, will give you some insights and inspiration. No matter the purpose of your posters or flyers, DesignCap will meet all kinds of your needs.

* Thousands of resources including clipart images, shapes, fonts, and backgrounds

To further enhance your posters and flyers, you can upload your own photos or search through thousands of stock images to use. You can also choose from a large library of delicate elements for touch-ups including clipart images, shapes, fonts and more.


* Fully customizable that you can make your unique poster and flyer

DesignCap offers many professional editing tools for customizing your posters and flyers the way you want, such as adjusting size, position, rotation, changing text font, color, effect, alignment, applying specific background and managing layers. Nothing can stop you from unleashing your creativity to create amazing posters and flyers that will impress your audience.


* Convenient and quick: no download or registration required

DesignCap is free and simple to use. No download or registration is required. It saves time, energy and money.



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