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7 Best Apps to Improve Your Productivity

It’s not always easy to stay focused when we’re supposed to be working, and we oftentimes find ourselves staring at our phones or the TV during crucial work hours. Instead of wasting hours and letting the time slip away, consider these following apps that are useful for improving productivity.


  1. Trello


Trello is a project management application for your phone that takes the stress out of the planning process. The app’s setup is highly visual and extremely intuitive, allowing you to break down big projects into smaller and smaller chunks by creating subsequent tasks.


The tasks, called “cards” can be arranged into different columns to represent the different phases of the project. As the project goes on and tasks get completed, you have the ability to “complete” the task, or even move it to another column.


  1. Sleep Time


Sleep Time doesn’t firsthand get involved in your work or technical projects, but it does provide comprehensive insights into your sleep patterns. When you are getting the best sleep possible, you are able to wake up feeling refreshed and able to take on the crazy twists and turns that any project will throw your way.


This app monitors your movements over the night and will generate graphs and charts that are customized to your sleep cycle. Pair this sleep tracking app with an uber-comfortable sleeping situation, and you will find yourself revitalized and on the road to productivity in no-time.


  1. Toggl


This app is a simple and easy-to-use time tracking app that gives you a breakdown of how your time was spent. By looking into how you were spending your time, you will be able to tailor your future work progress to be more productive. Toggl is especially crucial for entrepreneurs and freelancers and is a great way to accurately bill your clients based on time allocations.


  1. Freedom


It’s hard not to be on social media when you’re supposed to be doing work, but with the Freedom app, you are able to block these distractions from your phone. Set the timer on the app for however long you want to block the distraction (cough, Facebook, cough), and find yourself in a more productive workflow.

5.     1Password


Save some brain space by storing your passwords in 1Password, rather than trying to rummage up the old memory of what your passwords are for the 500 different accounts you own. This app is also a great way to store your passwords in one place, is simple to use, and logs you in automatically.

  1. Bear

Bear is a great way to take notes in a program that isn’t boring you to death. Tag your notes, link documents, and easily insert images with this app while enjoying all of the beautiful design features. When you take notes in a more memorable platform, you are more likely to remember them.


  1. Grammarly


We aren’t all expert writers, and sometimes we need a little help when it comes to our grammar. Grammarly will give you suggestions for your sentence structures, provide spell check and supplement other corrections – which is especially crucial when you need to send out an important email to a prospective investor or possible business partner.


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