Blogging Tools

108 Blogging Tools to Help You Grow Your Blog Fast

Analytics Software

​While analytics tools are used for a lot more than simply growing your email list, they are a key component in optimizing your site to capture leads.


​This analytics platform allows you to track and measure the “second-by-second” attention of your visitors.  In real time, you can see how much attention your visitors are spending on your content allowing you to improve it on the fly.  And you’ll have the knowledge to know which content is your most engaging so you can drive traffic to it over and over.

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Clicky is a freemium service that provides real time data on your visitors.  You’ll be able to see every visitor’s interaction as it occurs.  Clicky also provides heatmaps that allow you view individual visitor sessions.  You’ll be able to segment those visitors who have achieved a specific goal.

clicky dashboard

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Google Analytics

If you have a blog, website, email list, or just about anything online, chances are you’ve got Google Analytics installed on your site.  Yes, it’s clunky.  But it is perfect to get some basic analytics and site performance up and running quickly.

Google Analytics Dashboard

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Hotjar is an all in one platform created to help marketers optimize their site for usability and conversions.  Hotjar comes complete with feedback polls and surveys, heatmaps, funnel conversions, and visitor recordings.  You’ll be able to improve form analytics by discovering which fields are taking too long and determine why visitors abandon the form on your homepage.

hotjar dashboard

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Lucky Orange

Why did your visitor not subscribe to your list or convert into a customer?  Lucky Orange is an all in one platform that aims to answer that question.  The platform contains form analytics, heatmaps, conversion funnels and even a chat feature that allows you to chat with your customers while they’re on your site.

lucky orange dashboard

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Mouseflow lets you record your visitors and view heatmaps so that you can track exactly what people are paying attention to when they are on your site.

mouseflow dashboard

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Content Idea Generators

As bloggers, we always need to be on the lookout for new ideas to write about.  Sometimes these ideas will just come to us through customer questions, email conversations, or some other inspiration.  Other times, the ideas won’t come to us so easily.  That’s when we enlist tools to help us get ideas.


BuzzSumo is one of the most popular content idea generators out there.  You can simply type in the key word or topic into their search bar and get a list of the most popular posts on that topic.  Then all you need to do is model your blog post after what is already popular.


Offical Site:


Quora is a question and answer website where questions are asked by users, answered by others, and the answers are upvoted by peers.  If you’re looking for content ideas, you can browse through Quora and see what questions are being asked about your subject matter.


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Google Trends

Use Google Trends to see which topics are trending.  Just be aware that some of these topics won’t be “evergreen”.  For instance, you’ll start to see the Olympics trending as the event approaches, but as soon as it’s over, the trend will go down.

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List Building Tools

These are cool tools that I found to help you grow your email list beyond popups and landing pages.


Entice is a referral marketing software that helps content marketers grow their email lists. The tool allows you to bribe your visitors and incentivize them to share your landing pages.

entice app

Official Site:

Comment Redirect

This cool WordPress plugin redirects commenters who just made their first comment to a page of your choice.  You can send them to a landing page to capture their email address or to your Facebook page to get them to like you, etc.

comment redirect plugin

Official Site:


Justuno is a platform designed to maximize the return of traffic to your site.  The suite of tools includes cart abandonment recovery, email popups, and exit promotions.  As you may have guessed, Justuno is optimized for all platforms.


Official Site:


Leadin is lead capture developed by Hubspot. Leadin captures leads on your website, organize your leads and contacts. The analytical dashboard tells you how visitors interact with your website.

leadin dashboard

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Leadpages Pop-ups & Alert Bars

Leadpages pop-ups and alert bars are great tools to help bloggers capture email opt-ins from website visitors. It’s easy to publish pop-ups and bars to any webpage or blog article and pop-ups can be set up with different triggers, for example before the website visitors leave your website or click on an image or link. Then, send your new leads directly to your email list or CRM.


Official Site:

Subscribe by Email

Subscribe by email is a WordPress plug-in that allow website visitors to subscribe and get notified when you publish a new blog post. The plug-in allows you to build personalized HTML digest emails. And you can control how often the emails are sent out.

subscribe by email dashboard

Official Site:


UpPrev is a WordPress plugin that shows readers other blog post they might like, with a nice animation box it suggest to the reader other blog posts, you can set it up on what kind of post will shown, like just previous, previous in category, or previous in tag.

Official Site:

WP Lead Player

WP Lead Player is a WordPress plug in, that helps you have an interactive videos to capture leads or connect your website visitors with your social media, so you can grow your audience, it works with YouTube and Vimeo videos.


Official Site:


Built for small businesses, CrazyEgg is a feature rich heatmap tool that is easy to setup even if you don’t have any technical knowledge.

crazyegg heatmap

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Email Marketing Suites

Over the past few years, there’s been a trend toward companies offering everything from popups to slide ins to welcome mats and everything in between.  There are several amazing companies that you can choose from in this category.

Optin Cat

Optin Cat helps you grow your mailing list by adding tools like sidebar widgets, post box, light box popups and two-step optin. It has nice layout that are easy to customized. Optin Cat works with major email marketing providers.

Official Site:

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is a WordPress plugin that help you grow you mailing list with a lot of great lead generation tools. it has A/B testing feature and great analytical dashboard.

thrive leads dashboard

Official Site:


Mailmunch helps you convert your website visitors into subscribers by adding opt-in forms like popups, top bar or slide boxes in your website, it has A/B testing feature and can be integrated with major email marketing services.

mailmunch popup

Official Site:

Hello Bar

Hello Bar helps you convert visitors into customers by adding a lead capture box on the top of your website, so you can add them to your mailing list.

hello bar

Official Site:

Email Outreach Tools

So, you’ve written an amazing blog post.  Now it’s time to promote the heck out of it. The best way to do that is to email influencers in your niche.  Here are some email outreach tools that will help you manage that entire process.


This is the service we’ve been using to grow Entice.  BuzzStream allows us to manage our entire email outreach process.  With BuzzStream, we are able to get in depth reports on open rates, click through rates, who has replied and who has linked to us.


Official Site:


Mailshake gives you the tools, templates, and automation that you need to get the most out of your email outreach.


Official Site:

Ninja Outreach

If you know anything about email outreach, then you know that one of the biggest headaches is actually finding the email addresses of the people that you’re going to reach out to.  Ninja Outreach is a tool that takes care f that for you.  They have a curated list of bloggers and influencers that you can search for in your niche or industry.  This will save you hours of research when you’re trying to promote your content.

ninja outreach

Official Site:


Polite Pop Ups

I called these polite popups because they aren’t in your face.  They usually appear in a corner or off to the side so that your visitors can read your content in peace.

Slide In

Slide In it’s a WordPress plug-in, it’s a small slide in that show in the website, it makes it easy to capture leads, or you can create promotion and promote in your website.

slide in

Official Site:

Optin Crusher

Optincrusher is a WordPress plug-in that helps you convert website visitors into subscribers, by creating slide box and pop ups that doesn’t interrupt the visitors and still get their attention. Optincrusher is completely customizable to match your brand

optin crusher

Official Site:


Foobar is a WordPress plug-in, that shows a small bar on top or bottom of your website, it’s fully customizable, you can display different notifications on different pages , it can be integrated with Twitter and RSS feed to show your latest updates on your website.


Official Site:

Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box

Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box is a WordPress plugin that shows a call to action box in your website, this will allow you to get more subscribers, displaying best offers, driving visitors deeper with related posts.

dreamgrow scroll

Official Site:

Optin Feature Box

Optin Feature Box helps you to add optin box into your website, that is placed right under the header of your WordPress site. Optin Feature Box be integrated with major email marketing services.

optin feature box

Official Site:


We all know what these are.  There are several companies who offer popups (and more).  I left a few off the list, mostly because I didn’t feel like I needed to keep adding more.  If your favorite isn’t on the list, shoot me an email and I’ll add it.

PopUp Domination

PopUp Domination helps you popups to convert users into subscribers, by building a high converting popups, tracking the performance. PopUp Domination can be integrated with major email marketing softwares.

popup domination

Official Site:


OptinMonster helps you create lead captures to convert your website visitors into subscribers, with drag and drop feature it makes it easy to build a nice designed popups. OptinMonster segment your customers with behavior personalization.

Official Site:


Pippity helps you create popups quickly by choosing form pre-made templates customizing them. Pippity can be connected to email marketing software like mailchimp and Aweber.


Official Site:

PopUp Pro

PopUp Pro is a WordPress plugin that helps you create professional popups that helps you grow your audience. It can customize easily to match your brand. The pop ups comes with different animation to get the user attention.

popup pro dashboard

Official Site:

WordPress Popup

WordPress Popup is a WordPress plugin that helps you create pop ups inside WordPress. It comes with templates that are easy to customize, you can choose between responsive and fixed design options mean your pop-ups look great on every device.

wordpress popup

Official Site:

Exit Monitor

Exit Monitor helps you create smart popups, that track the visitors behavior to display target popups.Exit Monitor has A/B testing tool to help you know what’s working. Real-Time Analytics it allows you to track the performance.

exit monitor

Official Site:


Padiact helps you convert visitors into leads, using behavioral targeting to show the visitors the popup at the right time with the best message using the targeting tool.

padiact dashboard

Official Site:

YITH Newsletter Popup

YITH Newsletter Popup is a WordPress plugin that helps you create a popup for your newsletter. YITH Newsletter supports WooCommerce products.

yith newsletter

Official Site:


Privy helps you grow you emailing list through email collection tools. Privy has intelligent targeting helps you get the right offer to the right users. Privy is mobile friendly. And it can integrated with most email service providers.


Official Site:


WisePops helps you grow your online business through intelligent Pop Ups, through triggers and target it you can show the the right massage to the right visitors. WisePops can be connected with over 400 apps.


Official Site:


Bloom is a WordPress plugin that helps you convert visitors into subscribers through popups, it comes with pre-made templates that can customize, and it can be targeted. Bloom can be integrated with 16 email marketing providers.


Official Site:


Icegram is a WordPress plugin, that helps you capture leads so you can convert them into customers through popups and bars. It come with over 180 features and it customizable.

icegram popup

Official Site:

Optin Forms

Optin Forms is a WordPress plugin that helps you create optin forms in your WordPress website. Just pick a design and customize it. Optin Forms can be integrated with AWeber, iContact, MailChimp, GetResponse, MadMimi, and Interspire Email Marketer.

optin forms

Official Site:


Pop Up Monkey is an online app the help you create popups and lead captures on any website, use on regular HTML pages or a WordPress. Popup Monkey allows you to have video pop ups.

Official Site:


Optimonk is a WordPress plugin that helps you capture leads before they leave your website. Optimonk allows you to create unlimited popups. It’s easy to customize and you can use other triggers to capture more leads.

Official Site:


Maxtraffic tracks the users behavior to detect intention to leave then it display targeted offer popup to help you get the most out your traffic. With A/B testing tool and analytics dashboard you can improve the performance of your campaign.

max traffic

Official Site:


Picreel helps you to turn a website visitors into customers through an offer popup. Picreel helps you design popups quickly and it can be targeted.


Official Site:


Zoomanalytics helps you to get subscribers by showing popups at right time with the right message. It’s easy to custmize each campaign and you can track the resluts real time

zoom analytics

Official Site:

PopupAlly Pro

PopupAlly Pro is a WordPress plugin that helps you create popup to convert visitors into subscribers. It’s easy to setup and mobile friendly. PopupAlly lets you customize it to match you brand.

popup ally

Official Site:

Popup Maker

Popup Maker help convert visitors into subscribers through exit detection popup. Popup Maker allows you to show users targeted offers. One of the powerful feature is false positive detection, most exit intent popups simply trigger when the user leaves the browser. false positive detection take it a step further and detect accidental movement, this prevents the false positive triggering.

popup maker

Official Site:

Appocalypsis helps you create and manage popups with different triggers. It comes with different templates that can be customized. The analytics report will help improve the performance of the popups.


Official Site:


Hold On Stranger helps you create targeted popups. You can easily design popups, identify triggers and track the performance. Holdonstranger works great on any design.


Official Site:

Popup Press

Popup Press is a WordPress plugin that helps you create pop ups inside WordPress. You can have insert text HTML, audio, image, video, Iframe and PDF.

popup press

Official Site:

Unlimited Pop-Ups WordPress Plugin

Unlimited Pop-Ups is a WordPress Plugin that helps you create unlimited popups in your website with 9 different pop ups. You can customize the pop ups to match your brand.

unlimited popups

Official Site:


Digioh helps you collect email addresses. With Digioh you can design pop ups easy, target to the right visitors, convert visitors into subscribers and the analytics feature it helps you improve the performance of you campaign.

Official Site:


Besides referral marketing software (which I’m biased to), contests are the fastest way to grow your list.

Kingsumo Giveaways

A cool wordpress plugin that allows you to get your contest going live in a matter of minutes. Kingsumo allows you to grow your email list virally. The more friends who enter the more entries they earn and more emails for you.


Official Site:


Rafflecopter is a great tool to help you grow your community through giveaway contest, Rafflecopter is easy to create and manage giveaway contests. Rafflecopter offers free and paid plans


Official Site:


Splurgy helps you promote your business by creating personalized sweepstakes, coupons and promotions. Plus it allows you to monitor your campaigns. and help you target your campaigns by identifying the influencers from followers.


Official Site:


Promosimple helps you grow your audience through sweepstakes and contests. You don’t any coding skills to build your contest, easy to customize and with the analytics dashboard it helps you the see the results in real time.


Official Site:

Giveaway Tools

Giveaway tools is a web application, it help you build your brand with giveaways. you can use embeddable entry form anywhere in your website. The best part is it free.

giveaway tools

Official Site:


Heyo is helps you grow your audience through sweepstakes, contests campaigns that can publish anywhere on the web. Heyo has a drag and drop design tool and its mobile optimized.


Official Site:

Proof Reading Tools

There are a few tools on the market to make it seem like you’ve hired a professional editor to proof read your post.  Here are a few of them.


Grammarly is one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in the world.  With the app, you can have your writing proof read in various browsers, email clients, and social media platforms.


Official Site:

Hemingway App

This web based and desktop tool allows you to plug your text into the user interface and it will help you edit the text for both clarity and grammar.


Official Site:


A third popular proof reading tool that will help you with your grammar and editing.  You can either download the Chrome extension or integrate with several other word processing tools such as Microsoft Office.


Official Site:

Marketing Automation


Marketo is a marketing automation software for companies, it helps you build long-term relationships with your customers. Marketo allows you to segment the customers based on their individual behaviors, preferences, and demographics, in real time.


Official Site:


Hubspot emails is one of the leading softwares in email marketing, it helps you easily design and send targeted emails. Hupspot emails help you segment your lists based on up to 1000 different criteria and personalize everything.


Official Site:


Brought to you by Salesforce, Pardot is an automation software specifically designed for B2B sales. You can nurture and score leads, create landing pages, and generate powerful reports.


Official Site:

Infusionsoft by Keap

Infusionsoft is marketing automation designed and priced for small businesses. It’s powerful CRM combined with it’s marketing automation tools allows small businesses to scale as they grow.

Official Site:


An affordable solution for small and mid-sized businesses, Wishpond’s pricing starts at $45 per month. With that, you can create landing pages, run contests, and nurture leads.

Official Site:

Social Media Tools

Let’s face it, social media can be time intensive.  These tools attempt to help you save time while not sacrificing results.

Twitter Lead Generation Card

Twitter Lead Generation Card helps you to generate leads directly form Twitter, with just couple of clicks users can share their contact information with you so that you can follow up with your leads. You can set up your incoming leads to be updated into your CRM system.

Official Site:


A premium “marketing calendar” where you can schedule blog posts, social media updates, and analyze the reach of each post across your entire social media profile.  Coschedule integrates with all of your apps so you can manage your entire blog in one location.

Official Site:  ​


Buffer is a freemium tool that helps you save time by scheduling your posts and gives you in depth analysis on how your social media campaign is doing.  What started out as a tool for small bloggers and startups, Buffer is now used by some of the biggest brands in the world.

Buffer Dashboard

Official Site:


Hootsuite is a platform that is built for blogging and social media teams.  While much of their focus is on the enterprise, they have a free offer for solo bloggers and plans for small blogging teams.  Along with automatic scheduling, Hootsuite also offers social sweepstakes and lead capture contests.

Hootsuite Scheduling

Official Site:

Meet Edgar

One of the main issues with scheduling tools is that you constantly have to “refill” your queue with new content.  With Edgar, you no longer have to do that.  The tool will recycle your old content so that you’ll always have a queue of posts ready to go.

Meet Edgar Dashboard

Official Site:

Sprout Social

While geared toward larger businesses, Sprout Social allows you to seamlessly manage your social media presence in one location.  You’ll also see insights when you engage with prospects and customers on the various social platforms.

Sprout social dashboard

Official Site:


Viraltag touts itself as the number one social media marketing tool for sharing visuals. You can manage multiple social networks, schedule unlimited posts, recycle evergreen content, collaborate with your team, and analyze performance.

Official Site:

Revive Old Posts

This WordPress tool is built for busy bloggers in mind.  First, it’s pretty inexpensive, starting at $75 per year.  And second, after you connect your social media accounts, you’re done.  The tool will automatically post for you at random times.  Of course, there are customizations you can make… but they aren’t necessary to get started.

revive old posts

Official Site:


Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram scheduling tool.  It allows you to discover content, monitor conversations, and schedule posts.  If you’re planning to “win” on Pinterest, then Tailwind is a necessity.


Official Site:

SEO Tools

There are literally hundreds of SEO tools out there.  In fact, the folks at Backlinko reviewed 189 of them.  For the sake of this post, I’m going to share with you a few of the most popular tools for helping you grow your blog’s traffic.


To put it succinctly, Moz is an entire sweet of SEO tools to help you rank high.  They have plenty of free tools as well as premium tools for global and local businesses.  Moz P​​​​ro is for those who have a global audience and Moz Local is for those with a local audience.

moz dashboard

Official Site:


Ahrefs is the SEO tool that I use to grow this blog and the blog at Time Doctor.  With Ahrefs, you’ll get tools to help you understand what your competitors are ranking for, how many links you need to outrank them, and everything that you need to increase your visibility in search engines.

ahrefs dashboard

Official Site:


SEMrush is used by some of the biggest brands in America to power their SEO efforts.  It is a complete toolkit for SEO’s, including keyword research, competitor analysis, and position changes/rank tracking.

SEMrush dashboard

Official Site:

Screaming Frog

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a website crawler, that allows you to crawl websites’ URLs and fetch key onsite elements to analyse onsite SEO. Download for free, or purchase a licence for additional advanced features.

screaming frog

Official Site:

Google Search Console

A free tool that allows bloggers to analyze how their site is doing in Google.  You can get impressions, clicks, and click through rate for the keywords associated with your site.  this will allow you to optimize your site’s visibility.

Google Search Console

Official Site:

Keyword Tool

Keyword tool is the alternative to Google Keyword Planner.  The free version of the tool will give you up to 750 long tail keywords.

Official Site:


KWFinder helps you find long tail keywords that have a low difficulty.  These are generally keywords that you can easily rank for without having to do a lot of link building.

kwfinder dashboard

Official Site:


A free tool that helps you find LSI Keywords.  All you have to do is enter in your main keyword and you’ll get a list of LSI keywords to put into your blog post. Currently, LSIGraph has over 100,000 location keyword search and multi-language selections for you to select from.


Official Site:


A free tool, courtesy of Neil Patel, Ubersuggest is a totally free  tool that gives bloggers the ability to monitor the health of their domain, do keyword research, come up with content ideas and provide backlink data.



Not sure what to write about?  Ask your audience.

Not sure what to sell?  Ask your audience.

Surveys can be a powerful tool to help you gain more insight into who your audience is.  That way you can tailor your blog posts and products toward them.

Client Heartbeat

Client Heartbeat helps to get feedback from you customers by creating surveys and collecting results so you can take action and grow your business, it can be integrated with your CRM.

client heartbeat

Official site:


Polldaddy helps you create surveys and polls. Polldaddy with the advance editor is makes easy to create the survey, you can customized it to match your brand look and it has a good reporting tool. You can collect responses anywhere Email, website or using the IOS App.


Official Site:


QuestionPro is an online survey software. QuestionPro helps you build survies, collect response and analyze results. QuestionPro allaws you to cusmotiz survies to match you brand, you can export the data to excel. And QuestionPro has SSL secured surveys to secure data transfer


Official Site:

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is one of popular online survey software. like many other survey software you can build survey, collect response and analyze the data but, on of the great feature of Survey Monkey is buy target audience to help you launch your project, and get your answers fast.

survey monkey

Official Site:


Survicate helps you to collect feedback from your website visitors, so you can understand your website visitors more. It shows a small box that allow you to ask visa questions, the questions can be targeted to different groups.


Official Site:

Survey Planet

Survey Planet is an online survey software, that helps you create custom theme surveys. With responsive layout it will look great on any device. You can create surveys with over 20 languages.

survey planet

Official Site:


Typeform helps you create a form with a great user experience. The great user experience will help make your questions stand out from the countless other survey questions your visitors come across. It can be customize to match your brand.


Official Site:

Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey helps you create and manage surveys easily, create surveys and share anywhere. Zoho Survey let you collect responses offline. And you can create surveys with over 30 languages.

zoho survey

Official Site:

Qualaroo Website Surveys

Qualaroo fix a survey that is run on a website to collect to feedback form customers from your website visitors. You can target visitors by traffic source, target visitors by visit length or depth, target by page, target by visit number or target by activity,to help you get the most out your traffic


Official Site:


Informizely helps you to get feedback from your website visitors and customers through slidebars in your website. It’s fully customizable, so you customize it to match your brand. with advanced targeting you can target surveys to right visitors at the right time.


Official Site:

Web Hosting

A good web hosting company can be the difference between a good blog and great blog.

Here are a few great web hosts that will help you create a fast blog, reduce down time, and be flexible enough to host your various applications.


Powering over 2 million websites, Bluehost is one of the leading providers for sites. Bluehost also provides a SSL certificate.


Official Site:

WP Engine

A premium WordPress hosting site focusing on speed, WP Engine powers 500,000 sites.  With WP Engine, you also get access to themes that StudioPress creates.

wp engine

Official Site:


A hosting company trusted by 2 million domains, SiteGround is perfect for bloggers who are just getting started as well as bloggers who are more advanced.


Official Site:


HostGator was the first hosting company I used wehen I was getting started in my blogging career.  It is a great service where you can buy a domain, install WordPress, and have access to amazing support.


Official Site:

WordPress Themes

One key aspect of every great blog is a great theme.  Luckily as blogging has become more popular, designers and developers have build more feature rich and robust blog themes for us to choose from.

Instead of listing out themes that are popular, I wanted to list some of the more popular WordPress theme developers and companies.  Each of these companies offers multiple themes for you to choose from.

Thrive Themes

A conversion focused WordPress theme, Thrive is a feature rich set of themes that help you convert your visitors into leads and customers.  Thrive also has a series of plugins, popups, and wysiwyg editors that allow you to make quick edits to your blog posts and landing page.

We use Thrive Themes on this blog to capture leads and write our posts.

thrive themes

Official Site:

Elegant Themes

At the time of this post, Elegant Themes is a collection of 88 themes that you can choose to use to design your blog.  It is the most popular WordPress Theme in the world.  Elegant Themes also has extremely competitive pricing.  You can have lifetime access to all themes and plugins, including the drag and drop page builder and email capture popups, for just $289.

elegant themes

Official Site:


Led by Ultra, their most powerful and flexible WordPress theme, Themify is a collection of 42 responsive themes and 12 plugins that you can have lifetime access to for $249.


Official Site:


StudioPress is brought to you by WPEngine, a WordPress hosting company.  This is pretty convenient for bloggers who want their theme and hosting in one place.  StudioPress is Gutenberg ready.


Official Site:


I wanted to include an amazing free theme in this list.  OceanWP is a lighter weight theme that integrates with many of your favorite page builders like Elementor.  It also integrates with woocommerce for those of us building ecommerce businesses.


Official Site:


The first thing about their website is they really play up the whole pirate’s island thing.  And I absolutely love it.  (Check out the image below to see what I mean.)  For just $89, you get access to over 30 WordPress themes and plugins.


Official Site:

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