What’s better: online image editors or photo editing software?

With a bunch of trending online photo editors such as Polarr, Pixlr, or GIMP, you’ll be wondering what the hype is all about. Are online photo editors just as good as traditional photo editing software like Photoshop? Or is it better to stick to the conventional editing methods?

There are a few negative and positive aspects of both online and downloadable editors, and it’s a matter of what you’re willing to trade off. Firstly, the most fundamental quality of an online editor is that it’s readily available. All you need to do is open the website link.

Software, on the other hand, needs to be downloaded and installed, and it takes up space in your device. A web-based application doesn’t need more space than minimal RAM and cache memory. That’s one huge advantage an online editor has over a downloadable one.

Another benefit of using online photo editors is that most of them are absolutely free. There are a few that don’t allow you to save in high quality or they’ll add their watermark unless you pay. But for the most part, they have an extensive list of features you can use. There are many tools, enhancements, filters, design elements, etc. that the online editors let you use for free.

The Canvas Prints Photo Editor is a fun and creative tool you can use for editing your pictures. Online applications like this one have made photo editing a lot easier, convenient, and enjoyable. Not only that, they get the necessary photo enhancements done very well.

There’s only one drawback that’s evident with online photo editors, and that’s the speed factor. Online photo editors can experience lag because they need a good internet connection. If your connection is slow, the editor might be as well.

Traditional software has been around for ages but online photo editors, especially the new advanced ones, are substantially changing the photography and technology game. Depending on your application and ease of access, either one can help you fulfill your photo editing requirements.


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