google doodle

Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins narrates an adorable Google Doodle

Like nearly everything else this weekend, Google’s latest homepage Doodle is here to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, with an adorable animated video commemorating the historic occasion. But Google went the extra mile, recruiting Apollo 11 command module pilot Michael Collins to narrate the video (it probably helps to be one of the world’s biggest companies when trying to set these kinds of partnerships up.)

The video is far longer than a usual Google Doodle, clocking in at close to five minutes, but it’s worth it for Collins’ narration, which summarizes the trip to the moon with his own personal recollections over an animation of the voyage. While Collins didn’t descend to the surface himself, he was a solo traveler to the far side of the moon, with “three billion, plus two people on one side [of the moon], and me on the other.”

While it may not be as fun as some of Google’s more interactive Doodles, it still a nice way to celebrate the anniversary in style.

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