Sennheiser Introduces MOMENTUM True Wireless Earbuds

There’s listening to true wireless headphones, and then there’s experiencing the exceptional sound of MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 from Sennheiser. Finely crafted for discerning audio lovers, Sennheiser has announced the second generation of its acclaimed MOMENTUM True Wireless. The audio specialist has taken its premium true wireless earphones to even greater heights: the earbuds ensure the best possible listening experience at any time with enhancements such as Active Noise Cancellation, refined ergonomics and an outstanding 7-hour battery life that can be extended to up to 28 hours by charging on the go using the supplied case.

“For 75 years, we at Sennheiser have been obsessed with shaping the future of audio and creating unique sound experiences for our customers. With the MOMENTUM True Wireless 2, we now set out to redefine the standard for true wireless listening,” said Stephane Hareau, Global Head of Products Consumer at Sennheiser. “The new generation builds on its popular predecessor and delivers exceptional Sennheiser sound, while taking the MOMENTUM True Wireless experience to the next level with the addition of Active Noise Cancellation, optimized ergonomics and an outstanding battery life,” added Frank Foppe, Product Manager at Sennheiser.

The best possible listening experience – anytime, anywhere

Whether you’re listing to music on Spotify, Deezer, or Anghami (the MENA’s favorite music streaming service) the ideal choice for the discerning listener, the new MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 delivers exceptional sound quality that can be enjoyed in any situation. The difference is their superior audio technology: Sennheiser’s 7mm dynamic drivers, designed and manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Germany, create outstanding stereo sound with deep bass, natural mids and clear, detailed treble. This audio experience can be effortlessly tailored to one’s taste via the built-in equalizer and Sennheiser’s Smart Control App.

It’s now possible to enjoy incredible high-fidelity sound even in noisy environments thanks to the new Active Noise Cancellation feature. This works in tandem with the earbuds’ excellent passive noise isolation to minimize distractions without compromising the quality of sound. When greater situational awareness is needed, the Transparent Hearing feature lets the wearer blend in outside ambient sound at a touch. This also makes it possible to have natural conversations in comfort without even needing to remove the earbuds.

It is also incredibly natural to make phone calls and interact with smart devices using voice commands. The earbuds’ advanced beamforming technology employs two microphones to reduce noise and ensure crystal clear voice pick-up.

Flawless wireless transmission is assured by Bluetooth 5.1 and the latest high-quality audio codec support, including AAC and Qualcomm® aptXTM for rock solid connectivity. The MOMENTUM True Wireless 2’s Bluetooth device management makes it easy to manage Bluetooth connections.

A smarter user experience to make life simpler

The MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 has been created to anticipate every need and simplify every interaction: Operation is brilliantly intuitive thanks to effortlessly easy touch controls. These can even be customized to let users define their preferred way of controlling audio, calls or activating voice assistants such as Google Assistant or Apple Siri. Just as intuitive is the convenient Smart Pause feature, which automatically pauses audio playback when the earbuds are removed and seamlessly resumes when they are replaced in the ear.

Ease of use is also enhanced by Sennheiser’s Smart Control App which, as well as enabling EQ adjustments and firmware updates, lets the user customize settings for the touch interface and Transparent Hearing.

Designed for a full day of comfortable listening pleasure

The new MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 has been refined for optimal user convenience and all-day wearing comfort. The exquisitely crafted earbuds are 2mm smaller than the previous model to improve ergonomics for the best possible fit and to minimize fatigue. For all-day listening, they offer nearly twice the battery life of the previous model, with 7 hours of playback time that can be extended to up to 28 hours by charging on the go using the supplied case.

As with every MOMENTUM product from Sennheiser, the second generation of the MOMENTUM True Wireless has an elegantly timeless design. They have been finely crafted from carefully selected premium materials to ensure great looks, durability and IPX4-rated weather resistance. The earbuds reward every glance and touch with premium materials such as the iconic Sennheiser spin design rendered in a high-quality metallic finish and gold-plated charging pins. In addition to the classic black edition, the MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 will be available in a stylish white color scheme, with coordinating fabric finishes on the slim charging case.

Priced at US$ 310.89US$ without VAT, MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 will be available in black from April, while the white color variant will be available at a later point.

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