Water drink reminder - Water reminder

Water drink reminder – Water reminder

Water is important for all living things, including humans. But we always forget and take lightly drinking enough water. So how to remember to drinking water? Let drink water reminder accompany you in achieving the goal of providing enough water that your body needs every day.
Water tracker is a free health application whose main feature is to remind you to drink enough water, on time every day and follow up with eye-catching statistical charts. With water tracker, you will create healthy habits by providing water to the body in the most scientific way.
Simple and accurate
You just need to select your gender, weight, year of birth, Water drinking reminder will calculate the standard amount of water you need to consume per day.
In addition, you can also set their own drink water goal to suit the health or work situation.
Flexible water drinking reminder
You can schedule to receive drink water reminder or select the time like the default application is available.
Diverse drink menu
Drink water offers a varied beverage menu. Not only pure water, this application has up to 24 different types of drinking water with the corresponding water proportions like coffee, tea, cocoa, fruit juice, smoothies, wine, beer …
Detailed report graph
• Vivid human body graphics denote water consumption
• Easily water tracker your drinking progress by week, month and year
• Statistics of the most favorite drinks.
Achievements for worthy people
Water drinking reminder includes many different achievement cups to encourage you to try to accomplish their drink water goal each day and create healthy habits.
Many other utilities
• You can choose how much water to drink at a time
• Allows adjustment of data taken in the past
• Sync with health app.
App also has step counter feature
How much water do you drink a day? Did you know that drinking enough water is good for your health and beauty? Let water drinking reminder help you create that healthy habit with all the great features. Application for your health, the best drink water reminder, the excellent water tracker.
Click the download button to drink and experience immediately, we are sure you will be satisfied. Share drink water reminder with everyone to drink and you can send us feedback if you have any suggestions.
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