LinkedIn adds colours to its logo; here’s how other tech giants are honouring Pride Month

With June traditionally being celebrated as the pride month for most of the world, Microsoft-owned professional network LinkedIn has become the latest tech giant to have added rainbow colours to its logo in honour of the Pride Month and support equal rights for everyone. However, this year, the Pride Month is being celebrated virtually as parades and other celebrations across the world have been cancelled in the wake of the global novel coronavirus pandemic. And, tech majors are either adding rainbow colours or rolling out Pride-themed features to honour the Pride Month and the LGBTQ+ community.

It is pertinent to note that other tech giants, including Apple, Nintendo, Microsoft, Facebook and Snap, among others, have launched Pride-themed accessories. Some of them have also rolled out new features for the Pride Month.

For example, the iPhone maker has launched two new bands for the Apple Watch to honour the Pride Month. Snap-owned Snapchat created new augmented reality (AR) lenses for the Pride Month and released a total of five new AR lenses in partnership with L.A.’s Pride Media.

Last week, Facebook-owned Instagram rolled out a host of new features along with a well-being guide, in collaboration with @thequeermuslimproject — a community that advocates for equal rights for the queer community, to help them get through these tough times, to honour the Pride Month. Pride is celebrated each year to recognise the impact the LGBTQIA+ community has over the world. But, this year, while the COVID-19 pandemic ensues, physical conventions will be impacted. Additionally, the community has also faced mental health and emotional wellbeing challenges.

“We understand the challenges and diversity of emotions that the LGBTQIA+ community faces every day, and want our platforms to be safe spaces for them to express themselves. Especially during COVID-19, we want to help the community celebrate virtually, find support online, and stay connected with the people they love. We are thankful for the partnership with @thequeermuslimproject for their insights that helped make the well-being guide and hope everyone shows support with our newly released features,” Tara Bedi, Public Policy and Community Outreach Manager, Instagram, India, told in a statement to Times Now.

Interestingly, Instagram’s well-being guide focuses on how to handle negativity and challenges in the current social media landscape.

This guide will provide resources to young LGBTQIA+ people experiencing anxiety or feeling especially isolated or alone. It features inputs from creators and communities such as Veer Mishra (@v.ierd), Gaysi Family (@gaysifamily), Under25 (@under25official), Solidarity Foundation (@solidarityfoundation), Sandy Saha (@sandysahaofficial), Ya_All (@ya.all.northeast), and illustrations from Sonaksha Iyenger (@sonaksha).Meanwhile, social networking giant Facebook on the other hand has introduced Pride-themed rainbow frames and filters. Also, Pinterest is marking the Pride month with its own version of rainbow text. When users search for “Pride” on the platform, they would see the suggested searches in all rainbow colours.


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