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Google Duo rolling out 32-member support for video calls on Android

Video calling apps and services gained popularity and demand in the pandemic period as staying at home became a new norm. Even though restrictions are slowly being lifted, people prefer staying home as a precautionary measure. Many video calling apps have updated their features as their demands have increased tremendously over the last few months.

Google Duo had rolled out 32-member support for the web last month and had said it would gradually roll out for mobile users. The company had announced the update back in May and is now live for Android users.

Google Duo has now released support for 32 people for video calls on Android. Some users will get a pop-up message saying that they can add 32 members on a call when they open the Google Duo app on their Android, while some may not be able to spot the update just yet. This is because the roll-out is in its initial phase and featuring gradually. It might be visible for some users a few days later.

Alternatively, Duo users can make a group to add members from where they can confirm if their app has gotten the update. Duo users can confirm this by tapping on “Create a group” as the top window will read, “Select up to 31 people”.

Users can also share a link with other contacts during a call if they want to add contacts to the video call.

As per Android Police, the change is live for versions of Duo starting from v92 and up to v94. The report stated that it is likely a server-side switch, so whenever the feature will be updated users will get a pop-up or a notification.

If Google Duo users want to start a video call through the web, they can visit Once users log in or if they are already logged in, they will be able to add contacts with a Create Group button. After clicking on the create group button, users should click on the Add People button in order to add contacts to the call.

In March, Google Duo had increased the limit of contacts from 8 to 12 and had added a host of new features to the service.

Google Duo added features like the AR effect for customised messages. When Duo users are unable to make a call, they can simply send a photo or a customised video through Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Users can also take photos during calls which will get saved to Google Moments if they have the feature. They can enable it by going to settings–call settings–Duo Moments.

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