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Smartphones and the Internet: Multipurpose Devices That Fit into Our Pockets

Humans traveled to the moon for the very first time in 1969 with the use of a computer that had about 32,700 bits of RAM and 72KB of ROM. That computer was barely able to store the word count of an average blog post we have today. For the sake of comparison, smartphones have roughly more than one million times bigger storage capacity than the computer that took us to the moon. Current iPhones have 100,000 times more powerful processing power than the computer from 1969. 

But today we’re so used to our phones that we don’t even think about it. We browse the web, chat with friends, post high-quality photos and videos, or shop online, and most of these activities are done online. According to mobile internet traffic facts, we spend 143 minutes every day browsing the internet on our phones. That’s more than two and a half hours that we could’ve spent grocery shopping, napping, meditating, or working out. Are our smartphones really worth it?

Smartphones Help with Car Diagnostics

Mechanics may charge a good amount of money for diagnostics only, let alone if something is really wrong with the car. But our phones can do a free check-up. Some apps can diagnose engine problems, remind us where we parked, or even notify members of the family in case of an accident.

Mirror/Cast Screen Option

Staring at small screens can often be tiresome, but luckily, our phones can cast screens on TV, allowing us to see it all in a bigger format. This option is available for both Androids and iPhones. The process of setting it up usually involves USB connection and downloading an app that enables the screen mirroring or connecting to a TV via the internet.

Smartphones Can Save Lives

Yes, our phones are the most critical tools in an emergency, and they can save lives with more options than just dialing 911. Certain apps let us monitor hurricanes, reunite with family members, and send SOS in Morse code using a camera flashlight. GPS can work offline if we get lost, and some apps help us carry medical records in our pockets in case of more severe emergencies.

Smartphones and Extended Reality 

Phones let us reach a new level of reality, literally. From Pokemon Go and augmented reality to fully immersive virtual reality games, our smartphones have elevated the way we see the world and entertainment for that matter. Even though extended reality options are somewhat limited today, the expansion will happen in the near future.

Smart Home Control

Phones can play an important role in controlling smart homes. For example, we can utilize apps to notify us about temperature change and allow us to set up smart thermostats. Homes in some areas may need additional security, and installing motion-sensor cameras connected to our phones is a great way to watch over a house. Smartphones can also control the light, feed our pets, and make coffee.


Our phones seem to be worth the money and time we spend on them since we are not only using them to kill time. Car diagnostics, emergency communication, medical record storage—all that is possible thanks to smartphones. They are probably the most powerful tools that we carry in our pockets today.

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