Tips To be a Better Programmer

In my option to be a good programmer you should follows these tips :

  1. Check Your Code First Before Looking to Blame Others
  2. Continuous Learning
  3. Don’t Be Afraid to Break Things
  4. Take Advantage of Code Analysis Tools
  5. Think carefully before you choose your first language
  6. If you’re a freelancer, learn to say no, even to money
  7. Stay in control of the testing process
  8. Never ever duplicate code
  9. Don’t rush the solution out the door
  10. Test and test your finished code
  11. Code review
  12. Write less code
  13. Write self documenting code

You can find more tips and ways to be a good programmer but for me if you follow these one , i m sure you ll be great programmer

You won’t– you cannot— become a better programmer through sheer force of programming alone. You can only complement and enhance your existing programming skills by branching out. Learn about your users. Learn about the industry. Learn about your business.

The more things you are interested in, the better your work will be.


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