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How To Design Easy – Create Design Without Program

Hello, in this article, you will prepare very quickly, whether it be a very nice infographic or other designs, without using a program. The site we will use and the sponsor of this article will be So, we can quickly move on to our article; by the way, it is a beneficial site for your work, including other designs such as YouTube banners.

When we say easy to design, you can think of simple studies and bring to life the professional works that are easy to do. Because designcap provides these to you, let’s take a look at all the site’s good and bad sides in an impartial way. Our review begins for DesignCap, one of the most beautiful and useful sites for accessible design.

What You Can Do With DesignCap – How To Make Easy Design

We can do with DesignCap is quite a lot because it is a useful site that you can use on the browser; of course, it does not have as many features as a program, but it does not mean that we cannot do what we can do with a program. For example, we have the mask feature so you can put your photos in any way you want. Or, to give an example of ready-made social media designs, you can select and customize YouTube cover photos or any other colonial media-ready designs available on the site. You don’t need to pay for editing and downloading, so it’s free.

Let’s talk by giving an example. What can we do with DesignCap, I can count you one by one if you want. Infographic, poster, banner, logo, business card, brochure, Facebook ad, food menu, presentation, report, table, Facebook cover, youtube cover, twitter cover, Tumblr cover, email cover, Facebook post, Instagram post, Pinterest post, an invitation or Card design is possible with DesignCap.

You can download the designs you have prepared and then publish them, but do not forget to read the terms of DesignCap while using the designs you have prepared.

Interface and Features

Let’s come to the interface, the editing panel, and all the features of our site. The interface is very comfortable and clean, so a cluttered area is not waiting for you. Everything is very nice. I want to give a few more details while switching to the interface. In the free version, you can have five saved designs and edit them at any time. Those who use the Premium package can save up to 100 designs in the Basic package, while Plus users can save 1000 designs.

Now let’s move on. There are things we want to add to the bar on the left. Let’s count the features here from top to bottom: Ready templates, elements, photos (you can upload your own photos), graphics, downloads, articles, modules, and backgrounds. You can examine all of these parts yourself in detail. When you click on any layer, that is, an object on the design, some settings can customize it. The grounds here are basic settings, such as the color style or opacity of the item you select. At the same time, you can drag each object you select up and down between layers, so if what you add is on the image, you can send it to the back.

You can align objects using the alignment options; I can hear you tell us what makes this site different. The most important feature that makes this site different is the modules part and the graphics part. Thanks to these areas on the left, you can create professional designs that you can make with the same programs as Photoshop. This feature makes this site different from other online design sites. Thanks to the modules, you can access the perfect ready-made designs, and you can add this on the picture. You can do something from scratch. If you present a report, you can prepare excellent reports using graphics and don’t need to know anything.

Let’s come to the other general features of the site, the site has a support page, and you can see some techniques and tips on designing here. You can also browse the frequently asked questions or submit a support request, not only the support request but also your suggestions.

Designcap Cons And Pros

Yes, we used the site as a team, and we evaluated our views as a comparison. We determined all the pros and cons for you. The site is a perfect site for those who do not know how to use Photoshop or those who do not want to use it because you can handle many beautiful designs with a few clicks and editing. You can add the designs and graphics you want, maybe even the photos, then edit them and download them as jpg or other free formats. First, let’s start with the shortcomings of the site.


  1. Not many templates are available (If we look at this, the site is just new, we can’t say a negative side, new ones are added every day)
  2. No mobile terminal

Here are the disadvantages of the site; these are some of the new site’s deficiencies. Still, we have written all the shortcomings we have found. It is only a small problem with templates. It will increase day by day.


  1. Prepared tutorials and articles are telling how to design
  2. Support service is available and pretty fast
  3. Masking feature available in Photoshop
  4. Ready editable graphics available
  5. Lots of font templates available
  6. You can show your designs professionally
  7. You can upload your own photos
  8. Quality loss lowering
  9. Unlimited Download (Free)
  10. Ease of use and convenience some detailed features
  11. You can design not only photos but presentations and business cards
  12. Free version available and almost any feature available
  13. Live Presentation Feature

Here are the plus sides of the site. You can experience all the pros by using the site. You will understand the difference and what we want to tell better. If we talk about a few plus features in detail, for example, you can present the presentation through the browser without downloading, thanks to the live production feature, you can learn the site’s use from the guides on the site. You can design as much as you want and download it for free.


We do not know what comes to your mind when you say how to make the easy design. Still, now you will think of because it is straightforward to create professional designs as if they were made with a program without any program. We have written all the pros and cons in our article, you can read and review. I know how to use Photoshop, many people in our team know, but we will do with photoshop in 15-20 minutes, thanks to the designcap, we can do it in 5 minutes.

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