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Screenshots of the computer screen can be very useful for many things, such as creating tutorials for Youtube videos or even for online courses. In most cases, you will be using a separate program that supports these functions. But amazingly, there are online alternatives too. You are really wondering how manufacturers make it possible for you to record your entire screen or only specific program windows through the browser. One service that offers such functions online is the RecordCast screen recorder.

How does it work?


After opening the RecordCast website, click the Start Recording button, and you will be taken to the following screen recording view. Here you can choose between three audio options.

The microphone picks up the sound from a connected microphone.

System Audio Uses the audio output from the PC / device end.

No audio: No sound is recorded at all

Now all you have to do is click the big red round button to start the recording process. Depending on the browser settings, I used chrome in my case. The permissions that the web application should have access to the screen are queried again. Here you can allow dedicated access to a specific program window or share the entire screen or a particular tab of chrome.


When you are finished with your screen recording, click the stop icon in the browser to stop recording.


The finished video is now displayed and can be played, downloaded, or edited directly in the browser.


When you download the video, it will be saved in WebM format with good compression.

Are there any hidden costs?

RecordCast is entirely free to use. There are no more costs, neither for recording nor for downloading the recordings. You can optionally register if you prefer to organize your recordings online.

Here you can record more videos for your screen or from a webcam. You can also add pictures and audio, text animation, background, etc., to make your recordings look perfect.

Don’t install anything.

What is absolutely good, especially for casual use, is that absolutely nothing is installed on your own operating system. No program, browser extensions, or plugins are required. This means that there are no program files or registry entries on the PC that are only used once and then never again.

At the moment, RecordCast only works on PC, so it is not suitable for iOS or Android devices. We hope to be able to use the service from any device. I think it’s a bit magical how it works entirely on the desktop. I’m really excited to see how it works on the iPhone. Like apple, security and dedicated permissions are known to be very important.


RecordCast is particularly useful when you need a quick screen capture and don’t want to install or even buy a program right away.

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