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Significant Cyber Incidents Month December 2021

December 2021 . A cyberattack on the Belgium Ministry of Defence forced part of its computer network, including the ministry’s mail system, to shut down for several days. Hackers exploited the Log4j vulnerability to compromise the network.

December 2021. Hackers targeted multiple Southeast Asian governments over the past 9 months using custom malware linked to Chinese state-sponsored groups. Many of the nations targeted are currently engaged in disputes with China over territorial claims in the South China Sea.

December 2021 . A breach of Prime Minster Modi’s Twitter allowed hackers to Tweet from the account that India officially adopted bitcoin as legal tender. The Tweet also included a scam link promising a bitcoin giveaway.

December 2021. A Bloomberg investigation publicly linked an intrusion into Australia’s telecommunications systems in 2012 to malicious code embedded in a software update from Huawei.

December 2021. Cybersecurity firms found government-linked hackers from China, Iran, and North Korea attempting to use the Log4j vulnerability to gain access to computer networks. Following the announcement of Log4j, researchers already found over 600,000 attempts to exploit the vulnerability.

December 2021. Chinese hackers breached four more U.S. defense and technology firms in December, in addition to one organization in November. The hackers obtained passwords to gain access to the organizations’ systems and looked to intercept sensitive communications.

December 2021. A Russian group took responsibility for a ransomware attack on Australian utility company CS energy. This announcement came after Australian media outlets blamed Chinese government hackers for the attack.

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