It’s not yet clear if or when Instagram intends to launch the feature. An Instagram spokesperson described the feature as an “internal prototype” that’s “not testing externally.” But the fact that the company is testing the functionality suggests it’s at least considering replicating the app inside of its own service.

BeReal has a big following among Gen. Z, and has been rising in popularity over the last several months. BeReal is currently sitting in the top position in Apple’s App Store, ahead of both Instagram (No. 8) and Facebook (No. 18). It’s been among the ten most-popular free apps for much of this summer.

Mark Zuckerberg has said Meta’s future relies on appealing to young adults, who are increasingly spending their time on non-Meta platforms. And while TikTok is currently its top competitor, the company is known to closely monitor its rivals and has often copied features from other services. Instagram also recently added a new “Dual” setting to its in-app camera that mimics the shooting style popularized by BeReal.