Google Tensor’s third generation rumored to be in the works at Samsung

Google Tensor put out a relatively strong debut in the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, but it was clear there was plenty of room for improvement. While Tensor 2 is set for the Pixel 7 series in just a couple of months, work is already rumored to be underway on the third generation of Tensor at Samsung.

Rumor has it, according to the folks over at GalaxyClub, that Samsung is currently in early testing and development with Google on the third-generation Tensor chipset. It’s information that should certainly by taken with a grain of salt, but here’s what’s being claimed right now.

According to this rumor, Google is testing the third generation of Tensor under the dev board named “Ripcurrent.” As we reported previously, Tensor 2 is being developed under “Cloudripper.” The third-gen Tensor chip apparently carries the model number S5P9865, which is in line with the pattern of Tensor chips. The original Tensor chip had the model number S5P9845, and Tensor 2 is thought to be S5P9855.

While there’s nothing entirely surprising here, it’s notable that Google is sticking with Samsung through at least this third generation of its own chip. The original Tensor chip relied quite heavily on Samsung’s work with Exynos chips, which could be seen quite easily when looking deeper into the chip. Samsung is one of the few options Google currently has to work on Tensor, but it would certainly be interesting to see Google partner with the likes of MediaTek or, virtually impossibly, Qualcomm to bolster what Tensor is capable of.

Unfortunately, we don’t yet know what improvements Tensor’s third generation will bring to the table. But it’s clear there’s a lot Google should be working on.

The connectivity performance of the first Tensor chip lagged far behind Qualcomm’s latest and greatest, and equally troublesome were the various issues with heat. On top of that, efficiency could surely use a boost. The new Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 in devices like the OnePlus 10T and Galaxy Z Flip 4 is a wonderful example of what an efficient chip can do for smartphones, but Tensor is far behind that effort. Hopefully, by the third generation, Google can close the gap and give a similar experience on Tensor as Samsung and others offer with Qualcomm Snapdragon.

The third generation of Google Tensor would likely make its debut in the Pixel 8 series around late 2023.


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