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Apple reveals its Vision Pro mixed-reality headset, starting at $3,499

The Apple headset is one of the company’s most anticipated products with leaks and rumors dating back to 2017. But after years of speculation, today at its WWDC 2023 keynote, Apple has finally given us a real look at the device it’s now calling the Vision Pro.

Created to support both AR and VR applications, the Vision Pro is a standalone headset featuring an innovative design without the need for a dedicated controller. Instead, thanks to the use of multiple external and internal sensors and cameras, Apple is planning to rely entirely on voice inputs and hand/eye gestures. On top of that, Apple has created a new feature called EyeSight that uses the seamless curved display on the headset’s exterior so that people can see a user’s reactions while someone is wearing the device.

The Apple Vision Pro headset features an external battery to help reduce its weight.

Designed to be as light as possible, the Vision Pro is machined from a custom aluminum alloy, while a digital crown lets users easily adjust their level of immersion. Meanwhile, the headband will be available in three sizes designed to accommodate a range of head shapes while still being soft, comfortable and easy to adjust. And built into the headband are dual-driver audio pods on either side that provide spatial audio. Critically, to reduce the weight of the headset even further, the Vision Pro features an external battery that’s connected to the headset with a wire.

When it comes to optics, the Vision Pro uses a proprietary three-element lens with dual 4K micro-OLED displays that Apple says deliver a total of 23 million pixels. On the inside, there are IR cameras and LED illuminators, while the exterior of the device features both LiDAR and traditional camera sensors. Powering the entire headset is Apple’s visionOS, which works with the company’s new R1 chip and an M2 processor to deliver what Apple describes as responsive, “lag-free” standalone performance.

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