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Google celebrates 25th birthday with new doodle

Tech giant Google is celebrating 25 years with a new doodle, thanking users for their years of curiosity.

Users will notice that the Google logo on the top of the browser has been transformed into a moving GIF image, which cycles through the search engine’s various logos over the years.

Google also marked the milestone through a blog post, looking back at the evolution of the company’s products and services.

“This month, Google will celebrate our 25th birthday,” Sundar Pichai, Google’s chief executive, wrote on the company’s blog.

“It’s a huge privilege to reach this milestone, made possible by the people who use our products and challenge us to keep innovating, the hundreds of thousands of Googlers past and present who have given their talents to building those products, and our partners who believe in our mission as much as we do.”

Google was started 25 years ago by doctoral students Sergey Brin and Larry Page who met on Stanford University’s computer science programme. The two shared a vision of making the internet a more accessible place and worked together from their dorm rooms to develop a fast and accurate search engine.

Pichai also added that as Google looks back on the past 25 years, it’s also time to look towards the future.

“With AI, we have the opportunity to do things that matter on an even larger scale,” Pichai added.

“We’re just beginning to see what the next wave of technology is capable of and how quickly it can improve.”

He also said that making artificial intelligence more helpful for all users through responsible means was “the most important” task facing Google over “the next 10 years and beyond”.


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