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Who Has the Fastest Internet?

According to the broadband speed league 2023, Taiwan is on top of the world when it comes to fast internet, with an average download speed of 153.51 Mbps – slightly ahead of second-placed France with 152.45 Mbps.

Taiwan topped this ranking last year, too. Highlighting the rapid progress made there, back then it had a far slower average speed of 135.88 Mbps. In 2022, Japan was in second place, and while the country has also seen an increase the rate of growth is far lower, increasing by only 2.37 Mbps – seeing it fall down the list as Taiwan and countries in Europe and North America advanced more quickly.

For this infographic, we excluded places with populations of less than one million. When including all of the measured locations, the small island of Jersey, located in the English Channel has the fastest broadband on average, with a whopping 264.52 Mbps.

Infographic: Who Has the Fastest Internet? | Statista

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