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Order up! Street food chefs shine on YouTube

Nothing hits like street food. Whether you’ve worked up an appetite walking around a new city, or want to stop by your favorite vendor for a quick treat, seeing food expertly prepared right in front of you is special. Lucky for us, vendors and creators all around the world use YouTube to show off their skills – and it has certainly hit the spot. There have been more than 80 billion views of videos related to street food so far in 2023.1 That’s a lot of skewers, waffles, ice creams and so much more!

Nearly 15 years ago this month, the Kogi Korean BBQ food truck burst onto the scene and changed the street food world in the United States. It brought expertly-crafted Korean-Mexican fusion to the masses by parking outside of nightclubs, museums and more.

To honor the occasion, we worked with artists around the world to create special versions of the YouTube logo (aka: Yoodles) for multiple locations. Brazil’s Fabrizio Lenci, Germany’s Kati Szilagyi and Indonesia’s Martcellia Liunic lent their talents to help us celebrate the delicious street food offerings in their parts of the world. We’ve also put together creative logos for street food loving countries like Japan, Korea, and the United States.

japanese street food on youtube


We’ve also teamed up with creator Mark Wiens on a video that takes us on a street food tour around the world. We’ll enjoy breakfast in Taiwan, late night snacks in India, and enjoy a few surprises along the way. Check out the Ultimate 24 Hour Street Food Tour now.

Just like the wide selection of street food vendors out there, creators on YouTube are cooking up every cuisine you can imagine. The creator Foodie Mama posts videos of vendors in southeast Asia preparing treats like fresh pineapple juice and Korean egg bread. The Food Story shares the process of baking 15,000 loaves of bread per day in Uzbekistan, and Mammi Ka Dhaba shows us the secret behind a famous Mumbai cheese sandwich.

Like the world it captures, there’s something for everyone among YouTube’s street food community. Stop over at our playlist to see what’s on the menu.

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