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Significant Cyber Incidents for October, November & December 2023

Below is a summary of incidents from over the last months. For the full list, click the download link at the end of this article.


November 2023: Suspected Chinese hackers launched an espionage campaign against Uzbekistan and the Republic of Korea. Hackers use phishing campaigns to gain access to their target’s systems and decrypt their information.

November 2023: Chinese-linked hackers attacked Japan’s space agency during summer 2023 and compromised the organization’s directory. The agency shut down parts of its network to investigate the breach’s scope, but claims it did not compromise critical rocket and satellite operations information.

November 2023: Chinese hackers compromised Philippine government networks. Beginning in August 2023, hackers used phishing emails to imbed malicious code into their target’s systems to establish command-and-control and spy on their target’s activities.

November 2023: Trinidad and Tobago’s Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley declared the latest ransomware attack against the country’s telecommunications service to be a “national security threat.” Hackers stole an estimated six gigabytes of data, including email addresses, national ID numbers, and phone numbers.

November 2023: Denmark suffered its largest cyberattack on record when Russian hackers hit twenty-two Danish power companies. The attack began in May 2023 and appeared to be aimed at gaining comprehensive access to Denmark’s decentralized power grid. Hackers exploited a critical command injection flaw and continued to exploit unpatched systems to maintain access.

November 2023: Chinese cybercriminals targeted at least 24 Cambodian government networks, including the National Defense, Election Oversight, Human Rights, National Treasury, Finance, Commerce, Politics, Natural Resources and Telecommunications agencies. Hackers disguised themselves as cloud storage services to mask their data exfiltration. Initial research indicates the attack is part of a broader Chinese espionage campaign.

October 2023: Hacktivists stole 3,000 documents from NATO, the second time in three months that hacktivists have breached NATO’s cybersecurity defenses. Hackers described themselves as “gay furry hackers” and announced their attack was retaliation against NATO countries’ human rights abuses. NATO alleges the attack did not impact NATO missions, operations, or military deployments.

October 2023: Researchers discovered what appears to be a state-sponsored software tool designed for espionage purposes and used against ASEAN governments and organizations.

October 2023: Pro-Hamas and pro-Israeli hacktivists have launched multiple cyberattacks against Israeli government sites and Hamas web pages in the aftermath of Hamas’ attacks on Israel on October 7th. Russian and Iranian hacktivists also targeted Israeli government sites, and Indian hacktivists have attacked Hamas websites in support of Israel.

October 2023: Vietnamese hackers attempted to install spyware on the phones of journalists, United Nations officials and the chairs of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. The spyware was designed to siphon calls and texts from infected phones, and the unsuccessful deployment comes while Vietnamese and American diplomats were negotiating an agreement to counter China’s growing influence in the region.

October 2023: New reporting reveals Chinese hackers have been targeting Guyana government agencies with phishing emails to exfiltrate sensitive information since February 2023.

October 2023: North Korean hackers sent malware phishing emails to employees of South Korea’s shipbuilding sector. South Korea’s National Intelligence Service suggested that the attacks were intended to gather key naval intelligence that could help North Korea build larger ships.

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