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The shine comes off the Vision Pro

The return window is up for the folks who bought an Apple Vision Pro on day one, and a lot of folks have said they’re returning their $3,500 headset. The reasons why, and what Apple might need to do to fix them, say a lot about the state of headsets. Also saying a lot about the state of headsets? Mark Zuckerberg, who is apparently a gadget reviewer now!

On this episode of The Vergecast, we discuss the reaction to the Vision Pro, Zuckerberg’s review, and the differing strategies for making face computers a reality. Then, we talk about some breaking news on the future of Xbox and a lot of new AI launches from Google and OpenAI. Finally, we do a lightning round of other stories in the news before getting totally derailed complaining about Super Bowl streaming. Oh, and if you need a new test track for spatial audio, The Verge’s Nilay Patel has you covered.

If you want more coverage on the topics we discuss in the show, here are some links to get you started, first on the Vision Pro:

And on the Xbox:

And on all things AI news:

And in the lightning round:

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