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Meta Quest Horizon OS Will Finally Make 3rd Party VR Headsets Worth Buying

Meta’s metaverse dreams might actually blossom a bit this spring as it’s finally done trying to hole itself in its own walled garden filled with its Meta Quest 3 headsets. Starting today, the Zuckerberg-led company has its own OS ecosystem, called Horizon OS, and with new headsets coming from some of the biggest PC makers out there, we can finally see VR being far more useful. To top it off, Xbox and Meta now have their own Quest coming down the pike.

Horizon OS is a new VR ecosystem akin to Android, enabling other headset makers to stick Meta’s framework on their devices. Funnily enough, the existing OS on Quest headsets is based on Android, though it has its own app marketplace called the Meta Quest Store. However, now, far more hardware developers are able to build their own Quest-like devices. The store is also getting renamed to the Horizon Store to fit the new OS name scheme.

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