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Google Password Manager finally lets you share passwords with loved ones

We’ve known about password-sharing coming to Google Password Manager for a while now, thanks to a variety of recent leaks and Google’s own confirmation earlier this year. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait anymore as Google has just released the feature.

Google announced the addition of password-sharing in Google Password Manager as part of its May 2024 Google Play Services update (v24.20). It’s worth noting that this only allows you to share your password with people in your family group rather than anyone with a Google account.

“With this new feature, you can now securely share your passwords with your family group in Google Password Manager. When you share a password, your family members will receive a copy of it in their Google Password Manager, ready to be used,” Google explained on its support page.


Google previously cited a few examples of how this password-sharing feature could make things easier. This included managing daycare through a single account, or a child granting their parents access to school assignments. But we can also see this feature being handy for sharing access to streaming services, insurance credentials, VPNs, and more.

We can confirm that we’ve got the feature on our smartphones (see the screenshots above). However, it looks like the option is missing in the stable version of Chrome on desktop.

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