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Are you a tech lover?  Internet geek?  Daily reader of tech blogs and great at digging out exciting details? Well you definitely have an idea that will challenge our TechWebies readers and bring them a new perspective and we want to hear about it. TechWebies always welcomes unsolicited articles and blog posts. If you write articles on topics related to computer software, web applications, personal technology and consumer gadgets… TechWebies is the place for you.

If you like to share your review about new technology you exploit and you want to compare it with another similar, if you have an opinion in a new app or want to advice about new functionalities… Be our guest. You can also contribute video tutorials, hacks and in-depth reviews of new software that makes people feel more productive. As a guest author, you will not be paid for your submission but we will publish your two line bio with the story along with a hyperlink to your website, facebook page, personal blog…

Before you  sign up, please note that:

  • The content must be original and cannot be republished elsewhere on the web.
  • The links in content must be underlined and bold
  • Your articles may be edited prior to publishing.
  • If you use quote text from another source, always give full credit with a hyperlink.
  • Include screenshots with your article.
  • ·You can cover any web related new, even well-known and famous webpages, applications and platforms, just add your thoughtful analysis, your story with it or explore it from an angle that other publications may have missed.
  • The price of publishing can range from $12 to $30, depending on the length of your content.

PS : If any problems occured during registration please send to info@techwebies.com